Proficiency Exam

English language proficiency is a mandatory requirement for candidates eligible for the Graduate Program in Morphofunctional Sciences, and is valid for five (5) years after the examination. Candidates for Master’s and Doctoral degrees will be considered proficient if:

  1. a) They obtain a passing score (sufficiency) on the English language test of the FFLCH / USP Language Center (


  1. b) They submit a Certificate of Proficiency issued by one of the following institutions:

– UNIÃO CULTURAL, “Reading”, with a performance no less than 50%;

– CULTURA INGLESA, test taken for registration purposes in the Graduate Program of FMUSP, with a performance of no less than 50 points;

or in the following modalities:

– TOEFL iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language – Internet – based Test) = 60 points;

– TOEFL ITP (Test of English as a Foreign Language – Institutional Test Program) = 500 points;

Candidates for Doctorate and Direct Doctorate must also take a test of instrumental English based on the translation of text from a scientific article, which will be offered to the candidate by the CCP, in a timely manner, up to 3 months after admission to the program.

Candidates qualified to join the graduate program who are foreigners must demonstrate, in addition to proficiency in English, proficiency in Portuguese. Foreign candidates whose native language is English will be exempt from proof of proficiency in that language, while maintaining the requirement for proficiency in Portuguese. For foreign students, proficiency in Portuguese will be ascertained by submitting a Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners, CELPE-BRAS, intermediate or high level. This certificate must be submitted up to three months after the student’s admission into the Program.

Any student who does not demonstrate a certificate of approval of proficiency in English (Master’s, Doctorate and Direct Doctorate) or proficiency through the English test (for Doctorate and Direct Doctorate students) within 06 months, from the date of first enrollment, will be automatically removed from the Program.